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How do I create a discount code (voucher)?
How do I create a discount code (voucher)?

Read all about managing discount codes and how to make the most of them

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Promotion codes are a fun way to thank your loyal visitors for their support. You also recruit more visitors by entering a promotion code.

When ordering, give your visitors an action code of their own (e.g. "SUMMER10") and they can use the discount immediately.

You can add a discount code to an existing event. You can find out how to create an event here.

Once your event is created, you can create a discount code that your visitors can use when ordering tickets.

Create discount code.

Voucher code - Here you enter the text/code that your visitors should use to take advantage of the discount.

Voucher title - Here you give the discount code a title.

Discount type - Here you specify the type of discount you want to use, you can choose between an amount or a percentage.

Voucher discount - When you have chosen the discount type, you can indicate at voucher discount what the discount will be. If you choose amount, enter the amount that will be deducted. If you selected percentage, enter the percentage that will be deducted.

Usage - At usage you indicate how you want the voucher code to be used, infinity or once.

With the option ''Use voucher account wide'' you can use the discount code for multiple events.

When all the fields are filled in click on the button ''Add voucher''. This will take you to the screen below. The indicated fields still need to be filled in.

Voucher valid from & Voucher valid to - Here you indicate from when to when the discount code is valid and can be used.

Activate at number of products in shopping cart - Here you enter the number of products from which the discount code is valid. For example: if you enter 1, visitors can use the discount code from 1 product.

Block at number of sold products - Here you can indicate whether a maximum number of tickets can be purchased with the discount code. For example, if you enter 5 here, visitors can only buy 5 tickets and use the discount code. So if they buy 6 tickets, they can no longer use the discount code.

Voucher activation status - Here you can specify whether the discount code is set to active or inactive.

At the bottom of the same screen under ''Voucher categories'' you can select the categories, or events, where you want the discount code to apply. If you haven't created any categories yet, you can do so by clicking on the "Add categories" button.

By clicking on the button ''Save Changes'' you save all entered data and visitors can use the discount code!

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